Bathroom Remodels

Great bathroom remodel can transform the most private area of your house into a sanctuary from the stresses of everyday life. Our bathroom remodel services can help you imagine the bathroom of your dreams and implement it into reality with just a simple call to our knowledgeable team of experts.

Before you begin your remodeling project, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, you need to make sure you choose a bathroom remodel expert that has extensive experience and a trusted name in the business (hint). With more than a decade of experience delivering repairs and enhancements to homes and bathrooms in San Francisco and across the Bay Area, Eco Smart Builder is a well-established and respected company in the remodeling industry today. Due to the fact that we do bathroom remodels on a monthly basis - we know how a great bathroom should look, feel and built. We can recommend absolutely everything there is to know about every component of your ideal bathroom.

You’ll also want to come up with a general idea of what you want to accomplish and improve in your current bathroom configuration. Some basic questions to ask yourself are as follows: Are you happy with your current flow of water? Are there leaks anywhere when you use your bathroom? Is lighting to your liking? Are you satisfied with the amount of electrical outlets in your bathroom and is there something you would want to move or improve? Do you like heated flooring? Are faucets, tub and toilet still acceptable? Do you think you could conserve more water? Is there a need for added ventilation? Is your current door providing you with enough sound insulation and privacy? Our team is always happy to lend you ideas and professional insight, but of course we will focus on whatever goals you value most. Here are some ideas of bathroom remodeling services that you can consider before you decide what you want to pursue:


Is your tub old and worn? Could the surrounding wall or shower pan use a custom overlay coating or should your tub be completely replaced? Many people choose to install tubs with pressure jets as it is a very relaxing end-of-day ritual for some clients. We can create a quick, cost-effective revitalization of your bathroom through remodeling your bathtub or shower area. For some bathrooms, this can be like brining new life into the heart of their private environment.

Shower Enclosures

Custom shower enclosures are the future of bathrooms. There is a new trend that we have noticed where our clients in San Francisco and Bay Area are converting their tubs to custom stand up shower enclosures. We work with multiple custom glass fabricators that can make your shower enclosure beautiful with framed or frameless glass systems with hinged or sliding doors that add beauty and functionality to your shower experience. Eco Smart installs smart floor heating and smart ventilation systems, we add skylights and open additional wall storage in bathrooms. Eco Smart installs custom LED lighting and can pre-wire your bathroom for home automation system of your liking, we do it all and we do it smart. 

Plumbing Fixtures

If you’ve already got a toilet, sink or faucet in mind or have already purchased it, we can install it professionally and affordably. If not, we’ve got years of experience picking out and sourcing the best fixtures for your project. Word of advice from Eco Smart, your faucets and fixtures in the bathroom should always be high end, never buy a cheap fixture online that takes a month or two to get shipped, due to heavy daily use on all bathroom fixtures and faucets some plumbing issues relating to leaks and dripping occur. At the time when you are faced with a leaky faucet or malfunctioning fixture the repairs are usually as simple as changing the cartridge inside the faucet or a fixture, cartridges are widely available if your faucet or plumbing appliance is widely sold in United States, many owners are faced with serious issues when cheap appliances or fixtures are bought overseas and repair of a simple issue with leaky cartridge ends up with costly replacement of the entire system. 

Bathroom Environment

The atmosphere of your bathroom can make a huge impact on your mood and ability to relax. Lighting is a great place to start for setting the mood, and in addition you may want to update your cabinets, tiling or countertops. Heating and plumbing can also bring warmth to your bathroom and make it fundamentally sound. Our team of experts can quickly transform the environment of your bathroom to create a comfortable, relaxing oasis within your home.

Colors and Decor

You may have a general idea of which colors you want for your bathroom remodel, and bringing in our experts to give you an in-home design consultation can help you pinpoint the exact colors, materials and designs you’ll need for the project. Keep in mind that some colors provoke mood changes and may affect your general state of mind. We recommend lighter colors that are easy to take in, but searching the web for bathroom ideas is a great start to understand the general feel for the bathroom that matches your personality. Some customers like to maintain a theme or set style throughout their bathroom. Our design experts can show you a variety of looks for your bathroom, including classic elegance, nature, fun, contemporary, modern rustic and more based on our completed bathroom project catalogue.

In addition to the above considerations, EcoSmart is also the best choice for your next bathroom remodeling project because we pride ourselves on brining efficiency and green-friendly practices to our environmentally-friendly projects. Make sure your bathroom reflects who you are and who you want to be – call us now to get your bathroom remodel project started!