Interior Renovations

Our Theory

When it comes to improving the feel and general environment and feel within your home, an interior remodel or update project can be a worthwhile investment. An interior remodel can completely change the mood of your house and make you happy and content every day. With more than 20 years of experience, there’s no one better to turn to than Eco Smart to make your dream interior a solid reality. We’re always ready to give you an in-person consultation and share our insights on what obstacles or solutions to expect. If you’re still formulating your own ideas for what you want your interiors to look like, here are some general areas to consider for your future interior renovation:

Flooring Options

At one point, carpeting was considered the best and most desirable option for covering your floor, but now more sophisticated and Eco Conscious possibilities are also becoming popular. Hardwood, laminates that resemble hardwood, and cork floors are all very popular options. For people that love the feel of the Modern Rustic style, there are multiple sources that sell recycled hardwood that can be finished and stained to your personal preference. When you come to decide which type of flooring you want, first consider which best fits your lifestyle. For example, hardwood floors or light colored carpeting might not be suitable for pets or children unless you’re confident you can prevent them from damaging the floor. Sound insulation is also to be seriously considered, carpeted floors are usually installed as flooring where there is a separate dwelling beneath area in question.

Paint Selection

Painting the walls is one of the most economical ways to revitalize a home. Some customers prefer one shade of paint that stays consistent throughout the home, while others choose unique color schemes for each room. Bold colors can also create an accent wall for well-placed areas of your house, such as a fireplace or stairway. Paint styles such as stripes and other patterns can also add personality to your household.

Make an Open Floor Plan

Making the most of the space in your home is of the utmost importance from a functional perspective, and can also prevent you from feeling constrained or limited in your range of motion. Open floor plans tend to make your home feel larger than it would be with unnecessary segmentation or obstructions, and can help you keep connected within range of people in different rooms.

Sustainable Remodeling

Another popular consideration for interior remodeling is sustainability. If you prefer to use sustainable products, EcoSmart Builder is a trusted expert when it comes to choosing the right materials. We can help you source products that do not contribute to over-harvesting and we can help you reduce your carbon footprint with stocks that are as close to market as possible.

Make the Most of Your Budget

Most customers aren’t entirely sure about what product possibilities are on the market, so our experts are always happy to provide a lending hand. Protect your precious money by getting our advice on which products are best to pay top dollar for, and which will bring you the same value at a lower price. Lifetime value is another important consideration, since these additions and modification to your home can impact it for years to come.

For many homeowners, the house is the largest investment they’ll ever make. In addition to the financial figures that make it so valuable, the home can also be a place where you can find sanctuary at the end of each day to help unwind and find peace. A good interior remodeling project can go a long way towards realizing the home of your dreams. Call us today to get started on your project – we’re ready to help you with all your needs!