Kitchen Remodels

One of the most creative areas where you can revitalize your home is with a kitchen remodel, based on various observations, ordinary humans spend 2.5 hours a day in the kitchen . When you plan your kitchen remodel, you’ll find that the possibilities are practically endless as you can bring creativity into every nook and cranny of this multifaceted area of your home. Even a simple, affordable kitchen update can refresh and modernize your home. Full-sized kitchen remodeling projects can completely transform the feel of your house with new life and inspiration while adding significant value to the property.

Whether it’s updating the decor of your kitchen, improving the layout, or adding additional storage to maximize space, our remodeling services cover it all. Eco Smart can work within the aims of your project and budget, even if you want to slightly update your existing layout or completely reconfigure the entire kitchen room / area, our in-person consultation will give you all the guidance you need, from kitchen design ideas to finding the right kitchen cabinets, countertops, color schemes and more. However, if you want to first do more thinking about how you want your dream kitchen to appear, here are some tips of things to consider before your kitchen remodel project:

Discover Right Materials

You need to know where to save your money, and where you can splurge. You don’t have to go top-of-the-line every time if you’re working within a tight budget, and there are areas where your kitchen can really benefit from higher quality products. Our experts know exactly what products are on the market and can help advise you on which to choose at whichever price point best fits your plan.

Eliminate Waste

When it comes down to it, the kitchen has a very functional purpose to it. Planning around that functional purpose can make you more efficient when it comes to cooking, washing, and finding what you need for your meals, snacks or drinks. We can help you plan exactly where you’ll locate everything in the most intelligent way possible.

Open Spaces

Walkways and working space are important for kitchens, so you’ll want to adjust islands, peninsulas and countertops accordingly. You’re always moving in the kitchen when you walk or turn to your next task, so it’s important to consider freedom of motion.

Corner Traps

Plan out the space for cabinet door clearance and organizers to make the most of corner space. Poorly planning this aspect of your kitchen can make it difficult to make the most of the space at the back of corners and doors that only partially open can really hinder your ability to access what you need. Research a possibility of hidden sliding doors and smart shelve systems.

Plan Landing Space

Your kitchen will have appliances, tools and kitchenware that all take up space, but planning to allow for open space on countertops is very important, especially around appliances. Do an imaginary cooking session, see where you really need outlets and switches, walk around your kitchen, dance in your kitchen and see if some of the things can be added or deleted. You’ll need a place to do your cooking, cleaning and other kitchen tasks, and the countertop is exactly where you need your space, there are options adding additional countertop space over sinks which comes handy during cookouts - planning a kitchen remodel and space layout is even more important than professional project execution.

Find a Reliable Expert

The last thing you want to do is take on a kitchen remodeling project without the right expertise at your disposal. Having performed home repairs and remodeling services in San Francisco and Bay Area since 1998, Eco Smart Builder is among the most reliable and established local contractors out there to help you with your project. Never hire anyone who is not licensed or who is borrowing a friend's license. Usually when the price is too good to be true or contractor tells you about the cash discount - Alarm. Check workers compensation insurance every time, check Contractors State License Board website for licensing information on the company you are about to hire. Eco Smart provides a variety of services, let us know how we can help, from Property Inspections to Roofing Repairs, Replacements and Coatings - Eco Smart has it covered

These are just some of the considerations you’ll want to make before starting your kitchen remodel project. Always remember that our team is standing by to provide you with all the information you need, and we’re happy to give you an in-person consultation to lend you our ideas and insight. Contact us today to get started on your project!