Exterior Remodels

Many homeowners often focus on the interior of the house for renovations, but a good exterior remodel project can bring new life to the appearance of a home. An exterior remodel project can give your house a completely new first impression too, since it’s the first thing anyone sees when coming to your home. In addition, improving the outer areas of your home can add value to the property and more importantly enhance the appearance and personality of your home.

With more than a decade of experience performing repair and remodeling for exteriors on homes, EcoSmart builder has the knowledge and insight to make the most of your project. We highly recommend you call us to have an in-person consultation, so we can assist you with realizing your dream home by providing you with our ideas and expert recommendations. If you’re still considering what you’d like to pursue with your plans to improve the exterior of your house, here are some areas you may want to consider:

Outside Walls

The first thing most customers think of remodeling are the walls on the outside of the home. Even the highest quality wall treatments tend to require renovations after a decade or two of exposure to the elements like wind, rain and other weather. There are several options available, so we suggest you contact our team of professionals to guide you through the choices at your disposal.

Paint of Siding?

Many homeowners ask which is the better option for their external remodel: paint or siding? There are different aspects to consider in this comparison. On one hand, there are many options for external paint that can give you the look you want for your home, but paint jobs only last so long. On the other hand, choosing vinyl or aluminum siding can outlast paint by decades, but also requires far more labor for installation, and may not fit the personality of your desired home. Therefore, it’s important to decide which timeframe and style best meets your goals.

Consider Stucco

Stucco can also be a useful option for exterior remodels that you may want to consider. Stucco is a relatively inexpensive and easy way to renovate your walls and create a unique look for your home. In addition to this exterior cement, you can consider adding stones, which may create a more appealing style and last a longer duration, though it requires more work.

Windows are Important

Updating the windows and trim of your house can be a very simple project with a big payoff, and is probably an essential step in enhancing the exterior of your home. Keeping your windows modern and energy efficient are also very important considerations.

Remember the Front Entrance

The front entrance is the area your guests first encounter when they arrive at your house, and it’s the last thing they’ll see before they enter the interior. Consider updating the front door to your home or repainting it to compliment the exterior walls. Also look into ways
to improve your front porch or walkway, but remember not to overdo it, because adding too many elements can overcrowd the entrance.

No matter what your plans are, remember that we’re always ready to help. Our extensive experience in exterior model projects makes us the perfect partner to you when you decide to pursue your dream exterior. Call us today to get started now!